Top Eight Commercials from the World Cup 2014

The World Cup is in full swing and big companies who never pay attention to the beautiful game are taking full advantage of World Cup fever.  Here are eight of the top commercials and ads that take advantage of footballs premiere event.

8. Hyundai “Because Fútbol” Boom

This one makes the cut purely on the set-up of the commercial.  The creativity and concept come together for a memorable ad with a subtle plug that you can’t help but appreciate.

7. Adriana Lima Kia

Admittedly, this is more a three in one.  Adriana Lima bursts right into the man-cave culture of American sports fans and illustrates exactly why everyone is becoming a “fútbol” fan during the World Cup held in her native Brazil.

6. McDonald’s “Like Father, Like Son”

Like the Super Bowl, the memories of the World Cup sometimes aren’t even about football but about watching football.  None captures that more than this charming ad that shows even fries and a Big Mac can bring a family back together.

5. Adidas “I am Brazuca”

If Adidas is proud of one thing it’s that all summer it is their ball that is being used on tv in each World Cup match.  They could have talked about how state of the art the ball is and how it is unlike any ball out there today, but then that would be taking all the fun out of it.  That makes this ad my number five.

4. Gillette “Leo Messi and Roger Federer”

What happens when you take a tennis legend and footballs biggest star for a razor commercial? You get endorsement gold.  The only question, could Messi beat Federer at Roland Garros?

3. ESPN “Ian Darke Calls a Date”

Really, if Ian Darke could narrate my breakfast like this it would make life much more interesting.

2. Nike “Winner Stays”

In the first of our two final ads, Nike had to find a way to somehow top the star-packed promotion made for the 2010 World Cup.  How did they do it?  Well for one thing, even more stars and a pickup game for the ages.

1. Nike “Dare to be Brasilian”

For the number one ad, there had to be something special.  There had to be stars.  There had to be something that made you remember this one and make you tune in for the games and buy some product just because of it.  Nike takes number one with this ad that captures the entire spirit of a country this summer and dares every fan to play the game their way.


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