Exclusive Interview with Kat Kelley


This week I have an exclusive interview with the girl who is soon to be everyone’s #WCW: Kat Kelley.  You’ve probably gotten distracted watching her between rounds as the ring girl for World Series of Fighting, but Kat is more than just another knockout.  She’s a business owner and self-professed adrenaline junkie who shared her number one bucket list adventure with us.

Gabriel Gonzalez: So, you became a ring girl for WSOF by winning a competition. What goes into winning a competition like that when you’re up against all those other girls trying to win over the crowd? What do you think was the difference?

Kat Kelley: It’s all about charisma and being persistent.

GG: I’ve always thought that ring girls have the best seat at an event, what are the fights like for you being in the front row?

KK: It’s exhilarating. You get to see the fights firsthand.

GG: I imagine a woman must have a lot of confidence in herself to work in a bikini and strut her stuff in front of thousands of people. Were you always comfortable in your own skin or was there a specific moment that helped you turn the corner to do the work you do?

KK: It’s all about confidence and I am comfortable in my own skin.

GG: I’d like to ask you about WSOF’s Nick Newell who recently retired. His story as a one-armed amputee fighting professionally inspires so many people, what kind of fan reaction does he get when he competes?

KK: The crowd loved him. It’s unfortunate he retired.

GG: What’s the most exciting fight you’ve seen?

KK: Anthony Johnson and (Andrei) Arvolski

GG: Besides being a model you also have your own company Cigar Chicas. How did that come about?

KK: I was taught by my business partner the art of cigar rolling.

GG: How long have you been rolling cigars and what got you interested?

KK: I’ve been rolling cigars for a few years and I love cigars. I am a cigar aficionado.

GG: Your site shows you guys working a variety of events, some very picturesque and some very extravagant, what is the most unique event you have catered to?

KK: Playboy and Maxim.


GG: You’re also a self-professed adrenaline junkie, where do you stand on sky-diving vs bungie jumping? What’s scarier?

KK: I have never sky dived but have bungie jumped and I loved it. When the weather gets better I will sky dive.

GG: What is the most intense thing that you’ve done just for kicks?

KK: Buy flights to countries the night before.

GG: Is there something you won’t do? 

KK: I will do everything. I will try everything once.

GG: What is your number one thrill-seeking activity on your bucket list?

KK: Swim with great white sharks in Cape Town.

GG: Finally, I’ve heard you’re a bit of a foodie.  What is your number one go-to meal on a Friday night?

KK: Italian. Pizza and pasta.

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Facebook: LoveKatKelley

Twitter: @Kat_Kelley_

Instagram: @TheKatKelley


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