Combate Americas 14: Interviews with Erick Gonzalez and Jose Estrada

During Combate Americas 14, caught up with Erick “Ghost Pepper” Gonzalez and headliner José “Froggy” Estrada.  Following the shocking main event, Gonzalez attempted to respond to the call-out by Estrada by entering the cage in an attempt to have a face off on television.  Though he was too late to get on the microphone, Gonzalez detailed the exchange inside the cage below:

Following the event, Estrada discussed his thoughts on the fight, the reception from the fans, and responded to the call out by “Ghost Pepper.”

It would seem that Estrada has no intention of staying at 155 for a fight with Gonzalez, but both men agree that the contest would have been an exciting one for Combate Americas.

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